Deborah L. Dwyer, ABD

Roy H. Park Fellow and doctoral candidate 
Hussman School of Journalism and Media
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Degree anticipated December 2020

2020-2021 Residential Fellow
Reynolds Journalism Institute
The University of Missouri

More than two decades in the communications field has shaped my perspective from which to approach research and pedagogy. I am driven by research questions rather than methods, interdisciplinary approaches, and initiatives that support contemporary newsrooms. This orientation supports my objective to pursue a body of research that produces both theoretical value and empirical insight beneficial to the profession. I am also a passionate teacher and enjoy interacting with students in ways that boost their knowledge, confidence, and abilities.

My research interests include journalism’s role in democracy, media ethics, media processes and production, law and policy, and technology in the newsroom. My current projects include several projects (including my dissertation) related to the rising phenomenon of unpublishing requests—a result of technological change that challenges newsrooms both internally and externally. Learn more about my project to bridge academic research and news industry practice

Other recent research projects have focused on journalist discourse about fake news and its potential role in professional boundary work, the notion of contemporary journalistic objectivity represented in reporters’ adjudication practices, and editors’ perceptions of ownership influence and the resulting impact on editorial content.

I am energized by engaging with other scholars to share ideas, learn about new concepts and methods, and brainstorm innovative approaches to research and teaching. I’m always up for coffee and conversation between conference sessions!